I design and make unique handcrafted jewelry. If you have a special wish or if you are thinking of giving a present to someone, write me.  l’ll send you a design of a jewel I could make for you.

You will be the only one to own it.


If  you would like to separate space in an artistic and original way, I could realize a sculpture for you. Together we will plan the size and subject. Then, weaving and thin strands will separate space with art.

Separate the space, but not the light


My research  about  materials and their unusual applications, have found their ideal place in theatre. I realize hats, costumes, scene objects and scenic elements. 

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on…”  The Tempest, W. Shakespeare


A graphic artwork to promote your new business or to advance an old one with a new logo and a new advertisement materials. 

A grafic artwork to promote events, projects and plays

Credits: Web Designer/Alex Zaganelli, Grafic Designer/Mariangela Borrelli